7.7KG Sexpuppe

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  • 【3-in-1-Sexpuppe】 Erotik Liebe-Sexpuppe mit enge Vagina, Anus und weiche große Brüste. Kneifen Sie die rosa Brustwarze und durch die echten Muschi / Anus, spüren Sie die Vorsprünge und Partikel auf dem inneren Kanal der neuen Doppelhelix, massieren und wickeln Sie Ihren Penis ein. Genießen Sie das wunderbare Vergnügen, das der sexuelle Impuls mit sich bringt, während Sie seine ultra-schmale Taille streicheln, um einzutreten.
  • 【3D perfekte Größe】 Realistische männliche Masturbator Sexspielzeug Größe ist 420 * 195 * 160 MM, 1: 1 Imitation Beauty Body Ratio, Vaginal und Analkanal ist im Einklang mit der Länge des menschlichen Körpers, so dass Sie leichter Orgasmus beim Sex erreichen können. Der Metallrahmen der 3D-Innenstruktur der Sexpuppe hält die Puppe aufrecht und fixiert. Sie können die Arme und Beine der Puppe greifen und Ihre bevorzugten Sexpositionen nach Belieben wechseln.
  • 【Sehr realistisches Gefühl】Die Haut von Sexspielzeugs Puppe ist glatt und weich, und die Textur und die Partikel, die mit bloßem Auge sichtbar sind, insbesondere die feinen Linien um die Vagina, geben Ihnen das Gefühl, Sex mit Frauen zu haben! Die Puppe wird mit PALOQUETHs Gleitmittel auf Wasserbasis verwendet, damit Sie das feuchte und klebrige Gefühl der Vagina der Puppe besser erleben können!
  • 【leicht zu reinigen】 Der Mastubrator für männer aus hochwertigem TPE-Material ist ungiftig und harmlos, leicht zu reinigen und kann zum einfachen Spülen der Sexpuppe unter fließendem Wasser verwendet werden. Es kann mit Hilfe des von PALOQUETH bereitgestellten Wasserstabs getrocknet werden! Und an einem staubfreien, kühlen Ort aufbewahren.
  • 【Diskrete Verpackung】 Ihre Privatsphäre hat für uns oberste Priorität. Alle PALOQUETH-Produkte werden Ihnen in neutraler Verpackung zur Verfügung gestellt. Sie müssen sich keine Sorgen machen, dass jemand weiß, was Sie bestellt haben.
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Gentlemen, this is a great toy. Why do the women get to have all the fun with their cool toys? It's our turn! I had this toy in my cart for many weeks. Glad I finally decided to buy it. It has exceeded my expectations. For those of you wondering if it will be soft enough and not hurt, don't worry. It is VERY soft and humanlike. My tips on cleaning; put the toy in your arm with the rear end sticking out like a headlock; stand/lean over the sink. If you have a faucet hose, insert the end of your sink hose into the orifice and push up; this way, when it becomes full of warm water it drains from the bottom into the sink. Super easy to clean, technique is the key. If you don't have a faucet hose, buy one that easily attaches to the end of your faucet. I clean mine after every use and the drying rod is very handy. I normally cycle the drying rod a couple of times before putting the toy away. To finish drying, even your dry finger can wick up the remaining moisture. Again, it's all about care and technique and your toy will last forever.

Good quality tpe doll

The package was discrete and delivered faster. The tpe doll is made with good quality plastic. The doll has no head. The doll initially smelled bad but after some time looks like the smell goes away. This doll comes with a drying stick which helps to dry after use. The doll is heavy which stays steady and doesn’t move much. I wish the size like the height and width of the doll should be a couple of inches more. After a couple of uses, I can say this is a good entertaining toy and the cost is not as high as other dolls in the market.

Very Realistic, Amazing High Quality

I can't believe how real she feels! I love the feel and texture of this product. The detail put into the realism of this product makes it so immersive it's the perfect replacement for the real thing. Internally, the ridges and texture is a perfect match to a woman's ******. Just need a little lube and I can't tell the difference. Externally, the softness of her skin, the contours of her body and all the right jiggles are so aesthetically pleasing that I get turned on just looking at her and touching her. Her weight against my body and flexible positioning is just right for a lonely night!

Very good! I love it

Really love this toy. Good, solid weight. Great proportions. Expertly molded with pronounced collarbones, dimples of venus, etc. All lady parts are extremely realistic. The toy feels really great to play with. Extremely soft and life-like. Easy to use, easy to clean, and not too big to store under the bed for later. Comes with a drying stick that is very helpful for keeping the toy as clean as can be. Overall, I would definitely recommend. This adult toy company knows what they're doing.


Completely recommend buying this. I am really impressed with the details put into it. The feel and look of it is very nice! Definitely need to buy some drying wands with this. Only complaint is it could be bigger, but very satisfied with my purchase.

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